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One mile at a time

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Designed for effortless navigation

Easy integration

Easily connect your trackers to monitor your fleet

Our team reaches for the top

Our dynamic and passionate team continually enhances our product, striving for top-tier performance with each feature release.

Feel free to reach out for tailored solutions to your intricate projects. We’re dedicated to creating bespoke customizations that align perfectly with your requirements!


Individual Features added
since initial release

Monitor your fleet from anywhere!

Tracker only requires occasional network access to send updates, but collects data wherever there is satellite connection.


World coverage

Languages we support

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Meet our team!

As Fliteca progresses and expands, our dedicated team, led by Eimantas and Benas, diligently refines our product with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The duo’s goal is not just to create a vehicle tracking tool, but to empower businesses, enabling them to optimize operations and reach their objectives.

Throughout our journey, Fliteca remains anchored in our core values of innovation and efficiency, driving us forward as we refine, serve, and contribute to a better tomorrow.

A satisfied customer is our priority

Compatible with Teltonika Telematics trackers

over 11 M Tracking Points received

Available multilingual access

Why choose us?

We offer a fast, comfortable and upgradable interface.

  • Easy to use and integrate into your existing fleet
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated development team
  • Innovation driven development goals
  • Affordable plans and features
  • Custom packages for unique projects
  • Feature Commissioning
  • Public posts about updates, bug fixes and future plans

Find the best plan for you

Here are our supported packages to choose from!



Best for individuals

  • 3 Vehicles
  • 3 Trackers
  • 5 Employees
  • 2 Custom roles
  • 500k TTP*
  • 128MB Storage



Best for professional

  • 10Vehicles
  • 10Trackers
  • 10 Employees
  • 5 Custom roles
  • 5M TTP*
  • 2 GB Storage



Best for business

  • 25 Vehicles
  • 25 Trackers
  • 25 Employees
  • 10 Custom roles
  • 100M TTP*
  • 10 GB Storage


Best for more passionate projects

  • 25+ Vehicles
  • 25+ Trackers
  • 25+ Employees
  • 10+ Custom roles
  • 100M+ TTP*
  • 10 GB+ Storage

*TTP – Total Tracking points

Interested in custom new features?

Contact us!

  • Our team is always open to exploring your needs
  • Fliteca is dedicated in providing custom solutions.